Pearson Park

New Pearson Park sign

Pearson Park, located in the north central region of Neshannock Township, was donated to Neshannock Township by Miss Mary Pearson on February 15, 1956 for use by the residents. With help from the supervisors and various support groups Pearson Park has evolved into one of the prime recreation areas in Lawrence County. The park is over 105 acres consisting of six tennis courts, one basketball court, one sand volleyball court, two baseball fields, playground, scenic walking and fitness trail, the Hutchison Community Center, four large shelters, one medium shelter, one small shelter and a Gazebo that is used for free summer music concerts and wedding ceremonies. Pearson Park is also where a beautiful 4th of July celebration takes place annually with a spectacular fireworks display to end the day. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk and visited by over 50,000 people per year.

Pearson Park Improvements

Thanks in part to a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Neshannock Township is undertaking a large-scale improvement project to Pearson Park. 

Planned improvements are set to include the complete replacement of Pavilion #2 and the park’s gazebo, upgraded parking, increased pedestrian-level lighting, new entrance signage, wayfinding signage within the park, new sidewalk connections, enhancement to baseball in-field areas, stormwater infrastructure, new baseball lighting, and the complete replacement of the park’s restroom.  These enhancements mark the largest improvements project to the park since it opened in the 1950’s. 

Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) awarded the Township with a $150,000 grant to assist with costs for improving the pavilion and gazebo, as well as the construction of a new restroom in Pearson Park.

Additional ADA accessible amenities are a large and important component of the planned improvements to Pearson Park.  New ADA parking spaces will be provided, as well as an ADA access ramp to the new gazebo structure.  The new pavilion is also ADA accessible.  New wayfinding and ADA signage will better indicate where these amenities are located, allowing for easy use.   

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