Press Release - Steelite International Announces Company Expansion of Distribution Facilities in Neshannock Township

Nesh Press Release

Steelite International Ltd. plans to expand its distribution and light manufacturing operations at Millennium Park in Neshannock Township, Lawrence County, PA. The company will purchase 96 acres in the 318-acre business park, with the goal of adding to its existing 164,000 sq ft facility. As a leading manufacturer of tabletop and buffet solutions for the global hospitality industry, this expansion is expected to create additional jobs. The Millennium Park site is owned by the Lawrence County Economic Development Corporation (LCEDC), and the project involves collaboration between Steelite, Neshannock Township, and LCEDC.

“Neshannock Township is thrilled that Steelite International Ltd sees the potential to expand in our community. We are blessed with great business partners in our township, but we needed a champion to bring more to the area. I believe Steelite is the champion that Neshannock Township needed!” -Leslie Bucci, Neshannock Township Supervisor

The development is seen as a significant step towards creating the largest distribution and commerce hub in Lawrence County, with potential benefits for the community, including job growth, housing development, and infrastructure improvements.