COVID 19/Coronavirus - Township Procedures and Resources

UPDATE - May 29:

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has moved Lawrence County into the green phase in the state's phased reopening process.   

Pennsylvania is using a three-phase approach that will guide the state’s reopening from the coronavirus shutdown. The system consists of red, yellow and green phases, with the entire state starting in the red phase. The green phase eases most restrictions by lifting the stay-at-home and business closure orders to allow the economy to carefully reopen while keeping the protection of public health a top priority. While gatherings of 250 people or more are not permitted, hair salons and barbershops can now reopen by appointment. Churches and other faith-based institutions can hold in-person services, and visitation to hospitals may resume.

Social distancing practices are still strongly encouraged to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Neshannock Township has been, and is continuing to monitor, the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic closely. We are dedicated to keeping Township employees, residents, businesses, and visitors safe and healthy. 

Gov. Tom Wolf announced an order that will require all critical workers to wear a face mask while working, among other regulations to help combat the coronavirus pandemic. The order was released on April 15 by the Secretary of the Department of Health Dr. Rachel Levine. In the order, the following protocols are among those outlined:

  • Provide masks for employees to wear during their time at the business, and make it a mandatory requirement while at the work site, except to the extent an employee is using break time to eat or drink, in accordance with the guidance from the Department of Health and the CDC. Employers may approve masks obtained or made by employees in accordance with this guidance;
  • Provide sufficient space for employees to have breaks and meals while maintaining a social distance of 6 feet, including limiting the number of employees in common areas and setting up seating to have employees facing forward and not across from each other;
  • Ensure that the facility has a sufficient number of employees to perform all measures listed effectively and in a manner that ensures the safety of the public and employees;
  • Ensure that the facility has a sufficient number of personnel to control access, maintain order, and enforce social distancing of at least 6 feet;
  • Prohibit non-essential visitors from entering the premises of the Township building.

Neshannock Township continues to seriously and thoughtfully implement the recommendations made both by the Center for Disease Control, as well as the State Department of Health.  The safety of Township employees who continue to provide necessary services for the community is a top priority.  Based on the Governor's proclamation and the CDC's guidelines, the Township requires that all employees practice social distancing and has provided employees with sanitization products and gloves for use at their workspaces and in Township vehicles. Employees are required to limit themselves to one person per vehicle while working and are asked not to report to work if they are sick, running a fever, coughing, have difficulty breathing, or flu like symptoms.  Employees will be wearing masks while they perform their job functions.